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Are you are a Tantric Practitioner that truly believes you have a gift to share? If so, I have clients who need your help now more than ever.


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I stumbled across Tantra four years ago when my girlfriend was looking for help overcoming some emotional blockages.

It took her MONTHS to find a practitioner that she was comfortable with, and who could help her. 

This gave me the idea to put my Google skills to use, and help other Tantra practitioners to be found online.

Over four years, I have partnered with multiple practitioners around the world, many of whom now have a 10x increase in bookings, income and quality of client. 

I deal with all of the backend for you, so you NEVER have to worry about getting customers again.

How I Bring You More Bookings:

1) I send clients to your inbox

Imagine getting a stream of Tantra enquiries landing in your inbox every day from men, women, and couples, all wanting your help on their Tantra journey.

And imagine paying me for these confirmed bookings, AFTER they have paid you.

Multiple Tantra practitioners in Australia and the USA are now earning 5 figures every month from the bookings that I send them, paying me a referral fee for each one.

Please note – I am able to work with only one practitioner in each city, and cities must be over 300,000 population.

2) I send clients to your website

Every day in cities around the world, people are searching for information on Tantra. 

I know exactly how to make your website show at the top, so that customers see YOU as the #1 Tantra expert in your city.

After browsing hundreds of Tantra websites, I know that most are missing many important things on the backend – things that would make a huge boost to their enquiries, and income.

If you feel that your existing website could be doing better, contact me below for an obligation-free analysis.

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Why Work With Me?

Industry Expert

If you're reading this, I have no doubt that you have already been approached by multiple companies offering to increase your bookings.

However these companies work with anyone, and provide generic services, that will get you generic results.

I work exclusively with Tantra schools and therapists. Over the past four years I have come to know the backend of Tantra websites like nobody else can.

I will provide you customised work, specifically tailored to your offerings, your city, and the types of customers you're wanting to attract.

Personal Service

I enjoy building longterm relationships with all of my partners and customers, so your business will continue to grow, even after my work is complete.

You will see in my reviews that I get people very good results, and offer a very friendly and approachable service.

And if you decide that my work isn't for you, or that you would like to eventually move away from Tantra, we simply part ways. There are no contracts, no obligations, and no risk.

In fact I will even help you to transition into your new endeavour.

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