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Are you are a Tantric Practitioner that truly has a gift to share? If so, I have clients for you, that need your help now more than ever.


chris manak

My name is Chris Manak, I have partnered with multiple practitioners around the world, many of whom now have a 10x increase in their bookings, from the work that I do with them. 

Not only is there an increase in quantity, but an increase in quality – women, men and couples all looking to start, or enhance, their Tantra journey.

I stumbled across Tantra five years ago when my girlfriend was looking for some help to overcome some emotional blockages.

After it took her MONTHS to find a practitioner that she was comfortable with, I decided to help other reputable Tantra practitioners, get in front of the right people. 

I Can Improve Your Bookings In Two Ways:

1) I send enquiries to your email

Imagine getting a stream of enquiries landing in your inbox every day from people legitimately wanting your help with Tantra.

And imagine paying for each booking, after they have successfully finished a session with you.

I will create a landing page for you (at no upfront cost), and send people looking for Tantra in your city, to this advertisement. 

Enquiries then go to you, to decide who you want to work with. 

2) I send visitors to your website

Of the hundreds of Tantra websites that I have seen, at least 70% are missing important information that is negatively impacting their visitors.

You may wonder why you get bookings from your social media, but not your website? 

This is why. 

Every day people in your city are looking for information on Tantra, and I know exactly what to include on your website to show it in front of all of people.

Some happy customers

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Why Work With Me?

Tantra Specialist

I have no doubt that you have already been approached by multiple companies offering their marketing to increase your bookings.

These companies work with anyone, providing generic services, getting generic results.

I work exclusively with Tantra Practitioners, Schools and Healers. Over the past five years I've come to know what works, and what doesn't, on Tantra websites. I will provide you an offer that is tailored to your offerings, your city, and the customers you want to attract.

Friendly Service

You will see in my reviews - both here and online - that I get people great results. Your business and website will continue to grow, even after my work is complete.

But just as importantly, I like to build long-term relationships with my customers, and offer a friendly service that isn't intimating or confusing.

If you decide that my work isn't for you, or that you would like to eventually move away from Tantra, we simply part ways. There is no contract, no obligation, no risk.

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