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Let me send you enquiries from people Interested in Tantra, Living In your area

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I send Tantra Enquiries Direct To Your Inbox

Imagine getting a steady-stream of enquiries landing in your inbox every day from women, men and couples, all wanting your help to get them start on Tantra living.

And imagine only paying to get these enquiries, only after they have booked and paid you.

I have practitioners in Australia and the USA, earning 3-4 figures every month from the Tantra enquiries that I send them. 

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Get Your Tantra Website to the top of Google

I can tell Google to rank you at the top, to see you as THE Tantra authority in your city. 

Most Tantra websites that I see are missing basic things that would make a huge difference. 

Is yours?

Contact me below for an obligation-free analysis of your Tantra website.

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About Me


My name is Chris Manak. 

I stumbled across Tantra four years ago when a friend was looking for help overcoming some blockages.

It took her forever to find a practitioner that she was comfortable with, and that really helped her.

This gave me the idea to put my Google skills to good use, and help Tantra practitioners increase their bookings.


Why work with me?

Low Risk

You pay me nothing up front. You walk away at anytime if you're unhappy with the service that I offer you. You have nothing to lose by testing my methods.

Industry Expertise

Most people offering internet services, work with anyone, in any niche. I've worked exclusively with Tantra schools and therapists for the last three years.

Personal Service

Browse this website for all of the reviews and testimonials. I like to build longterm relationships, with my customers, so your business will to continue growing.


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