2018 Podcast Stats

Here are 15 real & rather interesting statistics about podcast listeners. These are taken from various 2018 US based studies.


  1. 44% of the US population (that’s 124 million) has listened to a podcast.
  2. Just over 60% of the US population knows what “podcasting” means.
  3. 17% (or 48 million) listen to podcasts every single week.
  4. 26% (or 73 million) listen to podcasts at least once every month.
  5. 56% of podcast listeners are male, 44% female.
  6. Podcast listeners subscribe to an average of 6 shows.
  7. 19% of podcast listeners increase the speed of speech of the podcast.
  8. Comedy is the most popular genre of podcast, followed secondly by education and thirdly by news.
  9. 94% of podcast listeners are active on social media, as opposed to just 81% for the rest of the population.
  10. 22% of podcast listeners do so while driving, 69% listen on their smart phones.
  11. 36% of podcast listeners are non-white.
  12. 45% of podcast listeners have income over $75,000 vs 35% for the total population.
  13. 80% of podcast listeners listen to all of the episode.
  14. 53% of beer drinking households are podcast listeners.
  15. 69% of listeners say that they learn about new products and services from podcast ads.

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